Katapulta Jobs is the new Katapulta Network's job platform. It aims not only to help foreign skilled workers but to help Canadian employers filling the gap when hiring the right employee.

Is Katapulta Jobs Free?

Yes. You, as an employer, are entitled to free job ads. It is our commitment to helping Canadian society.

So, How Does It Works?



Sign up and create set up your company.

Signing up is really easy, you just need to have a valid email.

After you sign up, you will require to set up your company. Our system is multi-company. This means you can manage different ads on behalf of different companies with the same account.

To create a company, you just need to go to the Employer Control Panel, click on the My Companies section and then click on the Add New Company button.

katapulta jobs new company

You will then need to fill a form. No confidential data will be asked, however, we encourage you to put as much as possible. Information such as your logo, category, city and postal code will help to expose your job openings as they will be catalogued.
katapulta jobs new company form

You can optionally add a department. This is very handy if your company is medium or big and you need to keep control of that.


Add a Free Job Ad

Once your first Company is ready, you just need to add your first free job ad. Go to the Control Panel and click on the New Job section. You will get a form asking details.

katapulta jobs new job form

Please note that Canadian law forbids to discriminate by physical appearance, sexual preference, age or religion. We have taken out some fields to prevent that, please help Katapulta Jobs to accomplish this.


Job Ad Distribution and Applications

Once you have finished your job ad setup. We will expose your ad in several ways:

  • Katapulta Jobs Map (cover page) will hold a pin on the map if you configure the city and postal code of your company.
    jobs map
  • When a Job Seeker logs in, he/she will see in their control panel what cities have job offers. If you configured the postal code and city, your job post will be included there.
    jobs by cities
  • Based on the keywords match between your job post and the job seeker candidate. Your job may be suggested automátically in the Job Seeker Control Panel.
    suggested jobs
  • If this is not enough, we will spread the word in our social media. We will automatically post your job in our Katapulta Facebook Fan Page and in our Katapulta Twitter account. We are constantly growing on followers.

When a job seeker applies for a job, you will get an email and access to the applied résumé.
applied resume

However, if you are impatient, you can browse using our Résumé Search tool.
search resume

Please do not hesitate on contacting us in case of any doubt or comment.


Jobs Katapulta is a sub-portal of Katapulta Network, the project that will help you to visit, study, work or live in Canada.